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  Archetype Class Description Source
  Alienist Warlock Scholars and agents of the far realm and alien forces Adventurer's Guide
  Annihilator Sorcerer Controllers of destructive energies fueled by death and decay Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Arachnid Guardian Adept Protectors in the darkness with spider-themed powers Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Arcanist Wizard Students of one of the eight classical schools of magic. Adventurer's Guide
  Aspirant Cleric Priests who aspire to divinity Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Axis Slayer Druid Hunters and slayers or unusual monsters Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Beastmaster Ranger Friends and allies to animals of the wild Adventurer's Guide
  Bladeseer Fighter Warriors who manipulates fate and can see the future Gate Pass Gazette #1
  Bombardier Artificer Masters of explosive alchemy Gate Pass Gazette #0
  Brawler Adept Unarmed fighters known for toughness and unpredictability Adventurer's Guide
  Brute Fighter Warriors who reliy on strength and brute force Adventurer's Guide
  Burglar Rogue Sneaky thieves and treasurer hunters Adventurer's Guide
  Charging Shield Fighter Warriors who uses their shields as weapons Gate Pass Gazette #2
  Courtier Rogue Nobles skilled with sharp words and sharp blades Gate Pass Gazette #3
  Court Magician Wizard Learned scholars and trusty advisors to those in power Gate Pass Gazette #3
  Cutthroat Rogue Masters of subterfuge and poisons Adventurer's Guide
  Decomposer Druid Nature worshippers with powers of decay Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Defiant Berserker Wild warriors with resilience against the winds of fate Gate Pass Gazette #1
  Diabolist Warlock Devotees of demons and diabolical deities Adventurer's Guide
  Draconist  Sorcerer Spellcasters with dragon magic in their blood Adventurer's Guide
  Dreadnought Berserker Furious and unstoppable armored warriors Adventurer's Guide
  Dungeoneer Fighter Experienced adventurers who thrive underground  Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Durala Carao Adept Adepts of the way of the gun Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Duelist Fighter Swashbucklers and quick-witted fighters Adventurer's Guide
  Enclavist Wizard Secret wizards who manifest the fey realms Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Enigma Sorcerer Magic-users who wield alien powers Adventurer's Guide
  Exalted Athlete Adept Students of athletic perfection Adventurer's Guide
  Executore Herald Holy warriors who pursue wrongdoers and free victims from oppression Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Expedition Leader Marshal An experienced leader who guides adventurers through dungeons and caves Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Fantastic Fletcher Ranger An archer who specializes in trick arrows Gate Pass Gazette #2
  Fatewoven Warlock Fortune tellers and soothsayers who pluck the strings of fate Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Gadgeteer Fighter Tinkers who fight with new technology and arcanoscience Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Gambling General Marshal Leaders who thrive on risky strategies with great rewards Adventurer's Guide
  Gladiator Fighter Entertainers with dramatic flair and skill with weapons Adventurer's Guide
  Green Knight Herald Wardens of nature and the wilderness Adventurer's Guide
  Guardian Druid Nature priests who protect and nourish small communities Adventurer's Guide
  Healer Cleric Priests who devote themselves to the healing arts Adventurer's Guide
  Holy Champion Herald Divine warriors who exemplify either good or evil Adventurer's Guide
  Inquisitor Herald Knights of judgement who seek out heresy Adventurer's Guide
  Investigator Rogue Clever rogues who solve mysteries and overcome problems Adventurer's Guide
  Knight Fighter Armored warriors steeped in heraldry and honor Adventurer's Guide
  Labyrinth Priest Cleric Divine explorers who navigate complex dungeons Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Last Raven Wizard Stealers of magic who levy curses on their foes Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Loremaster Bard Teachers and adventurers with access to knowledge and lore Adventurer's Guide
  Lore Weaver Bard Storytellers who can trust fate towards their own narrative  Gate Pass Gazette #1
  Machinist Artificer Mechanics who master vehicles  Gate Pass Gazette #0
  Mage Wizard Generalist wizards who dabble in all the schools of magic Adventurer's Guide
  Militarist Fighter Warriors as comfortable in a war council as on the front lines Gate Pass Gazette #3
  Minstrel Bard Musicians who travel the land to ply their theatrical trades Adventurer's Guide
  Monster Hunter Ranger Hunters who gain power from their trophies Gate Pass Gazette #4
  Mountebank Bard Masters of deception and wordplay Adventurer's Guide
  Mutant Warlock Supernatural beings whose power stems from within Gate Pass Gazette #2
  Occult Blade Rogue Obscure criminals whose magical techniques occlude memory of their actions Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Oozemancer Wizard A magic-user who allies with and can turn into an ooze Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Oracle Cleric Prophets and soothsayers who peer into the future Adventurer's Guide
  Partisan Ranger An urban warrior, expert at unconventional warfare Gate Pass Gazette #4
  Pyromancer Wizard Spellcasters who focus on the element on fire Adventurer's Guide
  Queen Bee Berserker Genteel warriors who psychically share their rage Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Quickstepper Adept Combatants who move at supernatural speeds Gate Pass Gazette #2
  Rager Berserker Warriors who reply on pure rage to win the day Adventurer's Guide
  Revoker Herald Holy warriors who forge their own fate Gate Pass Gazette #1
  Shadow Stalker Rogue Expert assassins whop strike from the darkness Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Sharpshooter Fighter Masters of ranged combat, trick shooters, and expert archers Adventurer's Guide
  Skilled Survivalist Ranger An expert at living off the bounty of the land Gate Pass Gazette #4
  Skinchanger Druid Nature priests who embrace their animal forms Adventurer's Guide
  Sound Sculptor Bard Musicians who use sound to protect and damage Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Spellbound Warlock Spellcasters who embrace the ways of the fey Adventurer's Guide
  Steward Savant Guides and mentors in military organizations Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Stitcher Artificer Artificers who delve into the marvelous mysteries of life, death, and reanimated flesh Gate Pass Gazette #0
  Stoneheart Sorcerer Magic-wielders who use the power of the earth Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Stone Warden Herald Implacable defenders of the weak with rock-like powers Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Sun Priest Cleric Priests who worship light and warmth Adventurer's Guide
  Swift Strategist Marshal Leaders in the realm of guerrilla warfare Adventurer's Guide
  Talented Tactician Marshal Military strategists who plan and anticipate every move Adventurer's Guide
  Tempest Berserker Warriors fueled and protected by the elements of the raging storm Adventurer's Guide
  Tenebrous Stalker Ranger Warriors who use the darkness as a tool and a weapon Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Titanist Ranger Devotees of one of the fey titans Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Tranquil Master Adept Unassuming adepts who use herbal concoctions  Gate Pass Gazette #3
  Trapsmith Rogue Expert dungeoneers and mechanically inclined scouts Adventurer's Guide
  Traveler Sorcerer Spell-wielders with the powers of distant planes Adventurer's Guide
  Treespeaker Druid Priests who speak to and command the world of plants Adventurer's Guide
  Trollslayer Berserker Ferocious berserkers who safest the traits of the tools they hunt Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Urbanist Warlock Avatars of cities who derive information and strength from the metropolis Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Vagabond Bard Wandering storytellers whose very words can transport people Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Vanguard Savant Ingenious savants who lead the battle and thwart their foes Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Vox Savant Masters of the voice, able to communicate, compel, and persuade Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Warchanter Bard Musicians who guide the flow of battle Adventurer's Guide
  Warden Ranger Mounted operatives who patrol the wilds Adventurer's Guide
  Warpriest Cleric Priests who meet their foes with the might of powers beyond mortal ken Adventurer's Guide
  Warrior Monk Adept Students of the martial arts and ancient traditions Adventurer's Guide
  Wildborn Ranger Spellcasting rangers who call upon the powers of nature Adventurer's Guide