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Charging Shield

Though primarily an armament for defense, in the hands of a properly trained combatant a shield can become a powerful weapon. Charging Shield warriors are thus terrifying to behold in battle, battering away the blows of their foes while surging through combat to deliver shattering strikes at the edge of their chosen tool of war. Such a sight only inspires their allies, and many great military heroes were forged in this proud combat discipline.

Level 3Shield Fighting

At 3rd level when you select this archetype, you gain proficiency with shields as weapons. In addition, you gain proficiency with the Charge maneuver, and when you are wielding a shield and no other weapons you do not have to spend exertion to activate it.

Level 3Inspiring Traditions

Also at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in one of the following combat traditions of your choice: Biting Zephyr, Rapid CurrentTempered Iron. When you gain this feature you can choose one of the maneuvers you know and replace it with another maneuver of the same degree or lower from your newly chosen combat tradition.

Level 7Shield Throwing

Starting at 7th level, you treat all shields except tower shields as having the throwing property (light 60/120 feet, medium 50/100 feet, heavy 40/80 feet). In addition, you gain proficiency with the Ricochet combat maneuver, and when you use a shield with it you do not have to spend exertion to activate it.

10th LevelGalvanizing Charger

At 10th level, your brave example inspires your allies. Whenever you use the Charge maneuver and are wielding a shield and no other weapons, choose one creature within 60 feet that can see you. The chosen creature gains temporary hit points equal your fighter level and an expertise die on its next saving throw . Once a creature has benefited from this feature, it cannot benefit from Galvanizing Charger again until it finishes a long rest .

Level 15Stalwart Aegis

Beginning at 15th level, you become as hardened as the armament you champion. You gain advantage on saving throws to resist becoming charmed , frightened , or any spell or effect of the compulsion school. Additionally, your unarmed strikes and attacks made using a shield deal an extra 1d6 bludgeoning damage.

18th LevelEpic Charge

At 18th level, you can break the defensive lines of the most hardened armies with nothing more than your shield and skill. You can use an action and move at least 20 feet to make an epic charge. While making an epic charge, you can move through the spaces of creatures and objects of up to one size larger than you without provoking opportunity attacks . When you move into a creature’s space it makes a Dexterity saving throw against your maneuver DC (with disadvantage if it is your size or smaller), taking 36 (8d8) bludgeoning damage and falling prone on a failed save, or half as much damage and remaining standing on a success.

Once you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until you finish a short or long rest .