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Spell Scroll

Scroll, Common (cost 10 gp)
Crafting Components


A spell scroll bears a sealed spell within. If the spell is on your class’ spell list, you can use the scroll to cast the spell (taking the spell’s normal casting time) without the need for material components. Otherwise the spell scroll is unreadable to you. If you are interrupted while using the scroll, you may attempt to use it again. Once the spell within a scroll has been cast, the scroll crumbles away. 

To use a spell scroll of a higher spell level than you are able to cast, you must succeed on spellcasting ability check (DC 10 + the spell’s level). On a failure, the magical energy within is expended with no effect, leaving behind a blank piece of parchment. 

A wizard may use a spell scroll to copy the spell stored within to their spellbook by making an Intelligence (Arcana) check (DC 10 + the spell’s level). Whether the check succeeds or not, the attempt destroys the spell scroll

The level of the spell stored within a scroll determines the saving throw DC, attack bonus , crafting components, cost, and rarity as per Table: Spell Scrolls. The costs of a spell scroll are in addition to any material components, which are required (and if necessary also consumed) when it is made.

Table: Spell Scrolls
Spell Level Rarity Save DC Attack Bonus Cost Crafting Components
Cantrip Common 13 5 10 gp Magical inks
1st Common 13 5 25gp Magical inks
2nd Common 13 5 75gp Magical inks
3rd Uncommon 15 7 175gp Dire wolf hide
4th Uncommon 15 7 500gp Dire wolf hide
5th Rare 17 9 1,250 gp Parchment infused with planar energy
6th Rare 17 9 3,000 gp Parchment infused with planar energy
7th Very Rare 18 10 8,000 gp Blank pages from a lich’s spellbook
8th Very Rare 18 10 20,000 gp Blank pages from a lich’s spellbook
9th Legendary 19 11 55,000 gp Parchment made from a dragon’s hide