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Adventuring Classes

Being an adventurer is more than just an occupation. Your character has a spark somewhere deep inside their soul that places their feet on the path too dangerous for others to tread. Perhaps it was simply survival at first, or a quest for gold or honor, or maybe they answered a higher calling from a being far more powerful than they. But whatever its origin, it is the crucial element that separates the rogue from the simple pickpocket and the warlord from the common soldier.

Classes define your adventurer’s core abilities. When your character starts out, they are beginners in their class, with only a few skills and specializations to their name. As they progress, however, they increase in power: spellcasters learn how to harness more spells, a berserker channels their ever-increasing rage more effectively, and an adept obtains greater discipline over their mind and body. Each level you gain grants you more skills and talents, creating a more proficient and accomplished adventurer.


  Class Description Source

A living weapon that hones their control over body and mind

Adventurer's Guide

An arcano-scientific spellcaster who makes wondrous devices.

Gate Pass Gazette

A charismatic performer who uses music to wield magic

Adventurer's Guide

A warrior that harnesses their inner rage on the battlefield

Adventurer's Guide

A holy guardian that channels the divine power to heal and harm

Adventurer's Guide

A secretive sage who shuns civilization and harnesses natural magic

Adventurer's Guide

A master of martial techniques with expertise in a wide variety of weapons and combat maneuvers

Adventurer's Guide

An oathbound warrior driven by an inner strength to champion their cause

Adventurer's Guide
  Marshal A natural leader and master of the art of strategic warfare Adventurer's Guide

A wilderness and exploration expert who has honed their skills of survival and combat

Adventurer's Guide

A master of stealth and subterfuge, reliant on trickery, keen reflexes, and quick fingers

Adventurer's Guide

A genius who relies on ingenuity, planning, and keen deductions.

Adventures in ZEITGEST

A magic-wielder whose power springs forth from an innate element of their blood

Adventurer's Guide

A spellslinger who obtained arcane powers through an eldritch bargain with an otherworldly entity

Adventurer's Guide

A spellcaster who has mastered the arcane arts

Adventurer's Guide