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  Birdfolk Winged, feathered avians able to glide or fly. Gate Pass Gazette #5
  Cervid Humanoid deerfolk, fleet of foot with mighty antlers Gate Pass Gazette #11
  Chrysalian Diminutive, insectoid fey that hail from the
Gate Pass Gazette #15
  Constructed Artificial beings powered by a renewable energy source. Gate Pass Gazette #0
  Dragonborn Draconic humanoids with deadly breath weapons. Adventurer's Guide
  Dreamborn Fey folk with deep ties to the Dreaming. Gate Pass Gazette #4
  Deva Reincarnated immortals with memories of past lives. Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Doppelgänger Shapechangers who can adopt the appearance of others. Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Dwarf Hardy, long-lived folk with an innate ability to build. Adventurer's Guide
  Elf  Ancient beings with supernatural grace. Adventurer's Guide
  Galeoni Shark-people with powerful jaws. Gate Pass Gazette #9
  Garoul Wolf-people with hunting instincts and a connection to the wild. Gate Pass Gazette #8
  Gnoll Humanoid hyenas with strong jaws. Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Gnome  Diminutive folk with innate magic. Adventurer's Guide
  Goblin Small, nimble goblinoids often reviled by others. Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Halfling Brave folk who stand 3-feet tall. Adventurer's Guide
  Human Short-lived people with great potential. Adventurer's Guide
  Kobold Small, reptilian humanoids known as clever tricksters. Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Lizardfolk Cold-blooded reptilian humanoids. Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Madrai Dog-people who aren't great at bluffing at cards Gate Pass Gazetter #14
  Minotaur Humanoids with cloven hooves and the head of a bull. Adventures in ZEITGEIST
  Motley Patchwork folk with animal features. Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Mycelial Small fungus-folk resembling capped mushrooms. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Oozefolk Jelly-like humanoids able to morph their shape. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Oxfolk Bovine-esque people with large, curving horns. Gate Pass Gazette #16
  Orc Strong, tusked humanoids with primal instincts. Adventurer's Guide
  Planetouched Mortal beings with the immortal ancestry of fiends or angels. Adventurer's Guide
 Planetouched: Elementaari Mortal beings with the immortal ancestry of genies and other elementals Gate Pass Gazette #18
  Pode Octopus-like people with multiple tentacles. Gate Pass Gazette #9
  Ratling Rodent-like humanoids with an unknown origin. Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Rockborn Powerful folks made of stone. Dungeon Delver's Guide
  Spiderfolk A mysterious arachnoid people with extra arms. Gate Pass Gazette #3
  Zevite Outsiders from the astral planes who believe in living life to the fullest Gate Pass Gazette #13