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Monstrous Menagerie

The Monstrous Menagerie is a bestiary for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. It contains all of the classic monsters that you need to play the game, carefully tuned to provide just the right level of tactical challenge—along with quite a few new faces. 

With around 600 monsters, variants, and monster templates—many of them suitable for high level play—there are unique challenges for an adventuring party of any level. From the humble kobold to the titanic tarrasque, each monster has new tricks, new treasure, new combat strategies, and more detailed worldbuilding and adventure hooks than ever before.

For good measure, we’re including new guidance on how to build more fun monsters ( Designing Monsters ) and more challenging combat encounters, along with a new type of monster—the elite monster—that’s built to match up against an entire party of adventurers in a way that even a legendary monster can’t.

While every monster in this book has been tuned to provide a satisfying combat challenge, a wise party knows that not every encounter leads to battle. In Level Up few creatures are inherently good or evil (or chaotic or lawful), and most monsters can become either implacable enemies or steadfast allies. Adventurers may find themselves fighting alongside hobgoblin soldiers against a fallen angel riding a corrupted unicorn. Deep-delving heroes may win the friendship of distrustful dark elves, and run afoul of an imprisoned titan or a forgotten god. 

Consider everything in this book as merely a suggestion! Modify monsters and rewrite stories however you like. Every stat block and bit of lore in this tome describes a potential monster: the real creature is what appears in your game.