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Combat Maneuvers

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Name Points Degree Tradition Action Type Summary Source
Agile Feint 2 2nd degree Mirror’s Glint Bonus Action Gain advantage against a nearby creature. Adventurer's Guide
Anticipate Spell 1 1st degree Mist and Shade Bonus Action Attack an adjacent creature which tries to cast a spell. Adventurer's Guide
Any Weapon Stance 1 4th degree Unending Wheel Bonus Action (Stance) Focusing on your in depth training with certain weaponry gives you proficiency with all weapons. Adventurer's Guide
Arcane Dismissal 2 3rd degree Arcane Knight Action With a violent arc of your weapon you batter your foes away like pieces across the chessboard. Gate Pass Gazette
Argent Strike 2 5th degree Arcane Knight Action You disorient your enemy with a concussive burst of silver light. Gate Pass Gazette
Armor Lock 3 5th degree Mist and Shade Action Use an enemy’s armor against them, paralyzing them. Adventurer's Guide
Assisted Roll 1 2nd degree Mirror’s Glint Reaction Roll away from an opponent who misses you. Adventurer's Guide
Attack in Tandem 3 4th degree Beast Unity Bonus Action (Stance) You and your animal companion sync your focus and movements. Gate Pass Gazette
Back To Back 1 2nd degree Sanguine Knot Action Both you and an adjacent ally gain +2 AC. Adventurer's Guide
Battering Strike 1 3rd degree Adamant Mountain Reaction Knock your opponent’s weapon flying. Adventurer's Guide
Blackguard’s Blight 1 1st degree Eldritch Blackguard Bonus Action Place a curse upon an enemy Gate Pass Gazette
Blazing Pursuit 2 2nd degree Arcane Knight Reaction With fiery heat, you pursue a fleeing foe. Gate Pass Gazette
Blind Instinct 3 4th degree Tooth and Claw Bonus Action Briefly see without the use of sight and use a reaction to chase down a fleeing enemy. Adventurer's Guide
Blinding Blow Stance 2 4th degree Mist and Shade Bonus Action (Stance) Attack in a shifting flow of deft strikes that make it easy to blind enemies. Adventurer's Guide
Blinding Strikes 3 5th degree Mirror’s Glint Action Deprive your opponents of any ability to see, whether with their eyes or otherwise. Adventurer's Guide
Blindshot 1 3rd degree Biting Zephyr Bonus Action Attack hidden targets without disadvantage. Adventurer's Guide
Bloody Roar 3 4th degree Tooth and Claw Action Unleash a powerful yell that injures and frightens your foes. Adventurer's Guide
Bodyguard 3 4th degree Sanguine Knot Reaction Take a hit for an ally and reduce the damage it inflicts on you. Adventurer's Guide
Bounding Charge 1 1st degree Beast Unity Action Your animal companion springs forward and strikes with bestial fury. Gate Pass Gazette
Bounding Strike 1 1st degree Tooth and Claw Action Jump at an enemy and use your ability check as your attack roll. Adventurer's Guide
Branding Steel 3 5th degree Tempered Iron Bonus Action Brand a foe to make it reticent to approach or attack you. Adventurer's Guide
Break Spell 2 3rd degree Tempered Iron Reaction Make a melee attack against an enemy casting a spell. Adventurer's Guide
Bring the Mighty Low 3 4th degree Beast Unity Reaction With the right tactics it is possible even for small creatures to topple mighty foes. Gate Pass Gazette
Brotherhood Stance 3 4th degree Sanguine Knot Bonus Action (Stance) Take the Help action whenever you hit with a melee weapon attack. Adventurer's Guide
Burning Embers of Faith 3 5th degree Tempered Iron Reaction Use a reaction when you would be reduced to 0 hit points to heal yourself. Adventurer's Guide
Catch Your Breath 2 1st degree Adamant Mountain Bonus Action Pause to regain hit points. Adventurer's Guide
Cavalier Stance 1 1st degree Spirited Steed Bonus Action (Stance) Increase your mount’s AC. Adventurer's Guide
Charge 1 1st degree Rapid Current Action Move and make a melee attack. Adventurer's Guide
Cleaving Swing 2 1st degree Adamant Mountain Reaction Cleaving Swing Adventurer's Guide
Coordinated Trip 2 2nd degree Beast Unity Bonus Action Working together, you are able to more easily topple creatures than either of you could alone. Gate Pass Gazette