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Combat Maneuvers

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Name Points Degree Tradition Action Type Summary Source
Agile Feint 2 2nd degree Mist and Shade Bonus Action Gain advantage against a nearby creature. Adventurer's Guide
Anticipate Spell 1 1st degree Mist and Shade Bonus Action Attack an adjacent creature which tries to cast a spell. Adventurer's Guide
Any Weapon Stance 1 4th degree Unending Wheel Bonus Action (Stance) Focusing on your in depth training with certain weaponry gives you proficiency with all weapons. Adventurer's Guide
Arcane Dismissal 2 3rd degree Arcane Knight Action With a violent arc of your weapon you batter your foes away like pieces across the chessboard. Gate Pass Gazette
Argent Strike 2 5th degree Arcane Knight Action You disorient your enemy with a concussive burst of silver light. Gate Pass Gazette
Armor Lock 3 5th degree Mist and Shade Action Use an enemy’s armor against them, paralyzing them. Adventurer's Guide
Assisted Roll 1 2nd degree Mirror’s Glint Reaction Roll away from an opponent who misses you. Adventurer's Guide
Attack in Tandem 3 4th degree Beast Unity Bonus Action (Stance) You and your animal companion sync your focus and movements. Gate Pass Gazette
Back To Back 1 2nd degree Sanguine Knot Action Both you and an adjacent ally gain +2 AC. Adventurer's Guide
Battering Strike 1 3rd degree Adamant Mountain Reaction Knock your opponent’s weapon flying. Adventurer's Guide
Blackguard’s Blight 1 1st degree Eldritch Blackguard Bonus Action Place a curse upon an enemy Gate Pass Gazette
Blazing Pursuit 2 2nd degree Arcane Knight Reaction With fiery heat, you pursue a fleeing foe. Gate Pass Gazette
Blind Instinct 3 4th degree Tooth and Claw Bonus Action Briefly see without the use of sight and use a reaction to chase down a fleeing enemy. Adventurer's Guide
Blinding Blow Stance 2 4th degree Mist and Shade Bonus Action (Stance) Attack in a shifting flow of deft strikes that make it easy to blind enemies. Adventurer's Guide
Blinding Strikes 3 5th degree Mirror’s Glint Action Deprive your opponents of any ability to see, whether with their eyes or otherwise. Adventurer's Guide
Blindshot 1 3rd degree Biting Zephyr Bonus Action Attack hidden targets without disadvantage. Adventurer's Guide
Bloody Roar 3 4th degree Tooth and Claw Action Unleash a powerful yell that injures and frightens your foes. Adventurer's Guide
Bodyguard 3 4th degree Sanguine Knot Reaction Take a hit for an ally and reduce the damage it inflicts on you. Adventurer's Guide
Bounding Charge 1 1st degree Beast Unity Action Your animal companion springs forward and strikes with bestial fury. Gate Pass Gazette
Bounding Strike 1 1st degree Tooth and Claw Action Jump at an enemy and use your ability check as your attack roll. Adventurer's Guide
Branding Steel 3 5th degree Tempered Iron Bonus Action Brand a foe to make it reticent to approach or attack you. Adventurer's Guide
Bravado Taunt 2 4th degree Gallant Heart Action You open your guard in a brazen display of confidence, daring your foes to strike you. Gate Pass Gazette
Break Spell 2 3rd degree Tempered Iron Reaction Make a melee attack against an enemy casting a spell. Adventurer's Guide
Bring the Mighty Low 3 4th degree Beast Unity Reaction With the right tactics it is possible even for small creatures to topple mighty foes. Gate Pass Gazette
Brotherhood Stance 3 4th degree Sanguine Knot Bonus Action (Stance) Take the Help action whenever you hit with a melee weapon attack. Adventurer's Guide
Burning Embers of Faith 3 5th degree Tempered Iron Reaction Use a reaction when you would be reduced to 0 hit points to heal yourself. Adventurer's Guide
Captivating Speech 5 5th degree Gallant Heart Action Through moving words, you stir the hearts of your allies and captivate your enemies so completely that your allies go unseen. Gate Pass Gazette
Catch Your Breath 2 1st degree Adamant Mountain Bonus Action Pause to regain hit points. Adventurer's Guide
Cavalier Stance 1 1st degree Spirited Steed Bonus Action (Stance) Increase your mount’s AC. Adventurer's Guide
Challenger's Strike 2 1st degree Gallant Heart Action With a confident blow, you taunt your foe into rapt attention. Gate Pass Gazette