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God Corpse

th tier (
(less than 1 hour)

The skyline is broken by the massive, jagged silhouette of an impossibly enormous humanoid’s ribcage. A shattered skull and massive femurs are embedded into the ground around it. Those with access to divine magic sense that some kind of action is needed.

Aligned Casting. When a spellcaster with the same alignment trait as the dead god casts a spell, roll 1d4. On a 1 the spell functions as intended, although with some harmless or unusual cosmetic effect. On a 2–3, the spell is absorbed into the corpse of the god. On a 4, the spell’s mechanical effects (hit points restored, damage dealt, or bonuses to attacks, checks, and saving throws ) are doubled and the ground shakes with the remembrance of divine potency. 

Alignment. Roll a d6 to determine the dead god’s alignment trait. On a 1–2 the god was Evil, on a 3–4 the god was neither Good nor Evil, and on a 5–6 the god was Good.

Cause of Death. An Arcana or Medicine check reveals the means of death. Roll 1d4: 1—another god, 2—adventurers who perished in the battle, 3—a powerful non-god entity, 4—something outside mortal knowledge entirely.

Domain. Roll a d8 to determine the domain of the god before it fell: 1—knowledge, 2—life, 3—light, 4—nature, 5—tempest, 6—trickery, 7—war, 8—roll twice (ignoring duplicates). 

Locus of Power. God corpses frequently draw out or errantly beckon certain creatures of up to challenge rating 10. What creatures appear near the god corpse are determined by its alignment: evil—fiends or undead, neutral—aberrations or fey, good—celestials or plants.

Nearby Shrine. An adventurer can make a History check to know of a shrine to the god within 7 (2d6) hours of travel. Making an offering of 1,000 gold at the shrine grants all participants in the ritual an expertise die on checks made involving the god corpse.

Possible Solutions
  • A Religion check reveals that this is the corpse of a god, as well as its domain and alignment. The check also reveals to the adventurers that they need to put the god to final rest.
  • A group Religion check can give the corpse peace by enacting appropriate rituals lasting for a day. 

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure. All adventurers suffer two levels of strife . For the next 5 (2d4) days, each of the adventurers subtracts a d4 whenever they make an attack roll or saving throw .

Failure. The adventurers fail to enact the ritual, and each suffer one level of strife .

Success. The god is put to rest. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.

Critical Success. The gods are pleased. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table. Additionally, the next time each is reduced to 0 hit points, they are immediately restored to their hit point maximum.

Leave It Be

If the party abandons the god to its fate their disregard offends its lingering essence, triggering a critical failure.