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Hallowed Ground

th tier (
(3 hours)

The will of the gods will not be ignored, and it is divine will that travelers pass this hallowed ground or waters with great difficulty or not at all. Perhaps someone in the party has angered a god or spirit, or a deity is conspiring with one of their enemies. Travel in this place feels slow and sluggish, as though the land itself is rejecting trespassers.

Appeasement. A Religion check reveals a way to appease the god and ensure safe passage. Roll 1d6 to determine what is required: 1–2 an offering of 250 gold, 3–4 an offering of 10 (2d6+3) Supply, 5–6 a willingly accepted geas to perform some service for the god.

Possible Solutions
  • The adventurers can make a group Survival check to tough it out and force their way through. 

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure: The party loses two days of travel and each adventurer suffers two levels of strife . Acolytes and followers of the deity recognize the party and are hostile to them for the next month.

Failure: The party loses two full days of travel and each adventurer suffers one level of strife

Success: The party successfully crosses the area.

Critical Success: The party’s determination wins the favor of the god, and for the next 3 (1d6) days each adventurer gains an expertise die on attack rolls and saving throws .