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Lifeless Desolation

rd tier (
(1 day)

Dust or haze lazily drifts across featureless salt flats or dead water that extend to the horizon. Food and fresh water are nowhere to be found—and neither is hope.

Devoid of Radiance. Spells that deal radiant damage deal half as much damage, and healing spells restore half as many hit points as normal. 

Lifeless. There are no sources of food or fresh water, and any journey activity checks made in the area to acquire more Supply automatically fail. 

Natural Undead. Any corpse that is not completely destroyed rises as an undead 24 hours later. The type of undead is at the Narrator’s discretion. A Nature check notices that there are no corpses or even skeletons to be found, no matter how small or large (though what that might mean is unclear).

Nowhere to Hide. Stealth checks made in this area have disadvantage .

Unnatural Stress. Boredom and the overwhelming desolation weigh more heavily on the mind with every day that passes. At the end of each short or long rest in this area, each adventurer makes a Wisdom saving throw or they suffer a level of strife .

Possible Solutions

Traversing this area requires spirit and conviction more than physical endurance. The party needs to make a group check to get through the region. Adventurers can choose from the following:

  • A Performance check to inspire some humor, levity, and vibrancy.
  • A Religion check to pray to gods of light and hope to protect the party from whatever fell forces pervade this area.
  • A Wisdom saving throw to persevere in the face of despair.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure: The fell forces pervading the area prevent recuperation. While in the area, long rests are not possible and short rests take 8 hours (instead of 1 hour).

Failure: While in the area, short rests take 2 hours and long rests take 16 hours.

Success: Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.

Critical Success: Roll three times on the Boons and Discoveries table.