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Living Land

nd tier (
(1 day)

As the party walks along, they start to notice that the plants are responding to them, and then a woody voice greets them

Everything in a 10-mile radius has been awakened by a crotchety druid who expected nothing but courtesy, and the plants and animals are the same—if they feel that they are not granted that courtesy they can make life very difficult for passersby. 

Benign. A Nature check confirms that this is the result of benign magic.

Possible Solutions

Being overtly rude or hostile to the awakened plants causes them to withdraw and triggers a critical failure. Otherwise, a successful group check using the following options allow the adventurers to travel across the area:

  • An Animal Handling check helps reassure unsettled animals that there is no threat.
  • A Persuasion check convinces the plants that the party is friendly.
  • A Nature check allows the party to walk carefully without damaging anything.
  • A Religion check can help appease the nature gods.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure: The area counts as difficult terrain and each adventurer suffers a level of fatigue from snagging groundcover or troublesome roots. 

Failure: The area counts as difficult terrain and the journey takes twice as long.

Success: The adventurers are allowed to pass unhindered, and at the edge of the area they’re given delicious berries and mushrooms making up 8 (2d6+1) Supply.

Critical Success: As a success, and the impressed plants tell the party about something of use to them. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.