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Marsh Gas

nd tier (
(1 hour)

Gases bubble upon the marsh’s surface—the gas is poisonous at best and combustible at worst.

Realize Danger. Any adventurer that makes a Nature check recognizes the prevalence and dangers posed by the marsh gas.

Possible Solutions

A Medicine check and use of a healer’s satchel (or a check made with tools the Narrator deems appropriate) can create a remedy to the poisonous gases, or a group Survival check enables the party to carefully navigate the marsh.

Critical Failure: Travel time in the marsh is doubled, adventurers are poisoned for 4 (1d4+2) hours, and each takes (22) 4d10 fire damage from exploding gas. 

Failure: Adventurers become poisoned for 2 (1d4) hours, and each takes 11 (2d10) fire damage from exploding gas.

Success: The adventurers safely cross the marsh.

Critical Success: The adventurers pass through the marsh safely without penalty or injury. Additionally, an alchemist’s supplies or poisoner’s kit check harvests enough gas for 2 (1d4) vials of basic poison or explosive flasks (which function as alchemist’s fire, but deal regular fire damage instead of ongoing fire damage).