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Primordial Tornado

rd tier (
(3 hours)

Something shimmers on the horizon, rapidly drawing nearer—a tornado, but not like any cyclone they’ve seen before. Roll 1d4 to determine the type of tornado: 1—water (sharks optional), 2—fire, 3—lightning, 4—sand. The primordial tornado affects a 3-mile radius, and normal methods for withstanding or avoiding a tornado are ineffective against it.

Spell Gone Awry. An Arcana check indicates that this is an elemental spell gone wrong. 

Tempest Winds. When a creature rolls a natural 1 on an ability check against the tornado, it makes a Strength saving throw or is thrown 2 (1d4) miles, taking 52 (15d6) bludgeoning damage. In addition, the primordial tornado deals an additional 14 (4d6) damage determined by its type: bludgeoning for water (or piercing if sharks are included), fire, lightning, or slashing for sand. A creature suffers one level of fatigue for every 20 damage it takes from being thrown by the primordial tornado.

Possible Solutions
  • A spell that allows the caster to manipulate the relevant element and affects a large enough area can redirect the tornado, though any spell with a casting time greater than an action will likely take too long.
  • Alternatively, a group Athletics check can withstand the tornado and trudge forward, taking 14 (4d6) additional damage determined by the tornado’s type.
  • A Survival check can quickly find shelter and take cover, waiting a day for the storm to pass.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure: Each of the adventurers loses half their Supply, and they suffer both a level of fatigue and a level of strife .

Failure: The party avoids the primordial tornado but it is a frantic and desperate escape. Each adventurer loses 4 (1d4+2) Supply and suffers a level of fatigue

Success: The adventurers avoid the primordial tornado’s fury.

Critical Success: The adventurers avoid or overcome the primordial tornado, and its passing reveals something of import. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.