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Wild Magic Zone

nd tier (
(1 hour)

Whether from reasons natural or malevolent, the area ahead is a wild magic zone. Distances seem to be warped, and time seems to move in a random fashion, making progress confusing and difficult.

Careful Casting. An Arcana check reveals that casting using the Subtle Spell metamagic or casting spells without a vocalized component helps minimize the effect, allowing the spellcaster to roll twice on the Wild Magic Surge Table and choose which result to use. 

Incensed Fauna. The strange magic sets beasts and monsters in the area into fits of rage and they attack the party on sight. The party has to overcome at least one random monster encounter while in the area.

Quiet Casting. A Performance check to cast a spell with a sufficiently quieted vocalized component allows the spellcaster to roll twice on the Wild Magic Surge table and choose which result to use.

Wild Magic. When a spell is cast in the area, roll on the Wild Magic Surge table.

Possible Solutions
  • This task simply involves traversing the area.
  • A group Arcana check or Wisdom saving throw is required to keep the adventurers’ bearings and not get lost within the confusing warped space and time.

Potential Outcomes

Critical Failure: The party loses 2 (1d4) days of travel time as the effects of wild magic on the environment confuse and beguile them, and each adventurer inexplicably loses 8 (2d6+1) Supply.

Failure: The adventurers lose 1 day of travel time. 

Success: The adventurers continue unhindered.

Critical Success: The adventurers continue unhindered and fortune seems to smile upon them. Roll twice on the Boons and Discoveries table.

Table: Wild Magic Surge (1d10)

1 The spellcaster and everyone within 100 feet lose all their hair. They regrow hair at their natural rate.

2 The spellcaster makes a DC 18 saving throw with a randomly determined ability or they are blinded and deafened for 2 (1d4) hours.

3 The spellcaster shrinks to Tiny size for 2 (1d4) days. Their equipment does not change size, and while shrunk they have disadvantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws

4 The spellcaster and everyone within 100 feet glow for 2d12 days, producing dim light in a 10-foot radius. The color of the glow changes with their mood.

5 The spellcaster and everyone within 100 feet sneezes uncontrollably for 2d12 hours. They have disadvantage on ability checks that require speaking and are unable to cast spells that require speaking (such as suggestion ) for as long as the effects last.

6 The spellcaster becomes violently flatulent for the next 2 (1d4) days, but is completely unaware of what they emanate. Checks made to track them using scent gain an expertise die.

7 The spell’s effects are doubled. Roll 1d4: on a 1, it centers its effect on the caster.

8 For the next 10 minutes the spellcaster can read minds as per the detect thoughts spell.

9 For the next 5 (2d4) hours the spellcaster and everyone within 100 feet can only speak lies.

10 The spellcaster gains (or regains) a spell slot of one level higher than the spell they just cast.