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Festung Apprentice

Power Caster , proficiency in Arcana

The practitioners of the darkest arcane arts in Elissar work spells that press upon the boundaries of the realms material, and those within the Festung are the only users of magic that dare to defy the very nature of the world. The fell individuals that practice their crafts within the shadowy halls of the isolated keep do not dissuade new students, but only those with darkness in their hearts are willing to stay and witness what happens within long enough to learn the dangerous secrets of its corrupt mages.

Your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score increases by 1, and your maximum for that ability score increases by 1.

You treat the rare conjuration spells of Elissar as normal spells (see Rare Conjurations in Elissar), and add all spells of the summoning school to your class spell list. You are able to learn these spells when gaining a level in a spellcasting class or from other mages in the Festung.

You learn the void maw cantrip.

In addition, when you use rapid summoning to conjure a creature you can do so with only 2 rounds of casting (instead of 1d4+1 rounds).