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Trapped Field

th tier (
(less than 1 hour)

A dozen hunting traps have been strewn about the area and hastily concealed beneath straw.

Toothed Snares. A creature that triggers a hunting trap makes a Dexterity saving throw or it takes 5 (2d4) piercing damage and stops moving. On a failed save, until the creature breaks free of the trap its movement is halved (unlike normal because it is not anchored to anything). A creature can use its action to make a Strength check, freeing itself or another creature within its reach on a success. Each failed check deals 2 (1d4) piercing damage to the trapped creature.

Trap. This trap can be detected by a passive Perception of 12 to notice metal contraptions beneath the straw. If the trap is not detected, it automatically triggers a critical failure.

Possible Solutions

A group Perception check is made to safely move around the hunting traps. Alternatively, a thieves’ tools check disables a trap.

Critical Failure: Each adventurer sets off a hunting trap and while escaping suffers a level of fatigue .

Failure: Each adventurer that failed sets off a hunting trap.

Success: The adventurer evades or dismantles enough hunting traps to pass through.

Critical Success: The party evades or dismantles the hunting traps (page 329 in Adventurer’s Guide), recovering a number equal to the number of adventurers.