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Alliance Rings

Ring, Uncommon (requires attunement; cost 125 gp)
Crafting Components

Matching rings worn for at least a year by a cleric and a herald

These matched glass rings shimmer from a stitch of eldritch energy that runs through their center. They contain some residual memories of the cleric and herald who originally wore the bands, relying on the enchanted jewelry as much as each other through many adventures together. When you and another creature attune to the rings, you each gain the ability to sense your approximate distance from one another. You also receive a slight jolt when the other ring wearer drops to 0 hit points.

When the other ring wearer takes damage, you can use your reaction to concentrate and rotate the ring. When you do so, both you and the other ring wearer receive an image of an elderly herald giving up her life to shield her cleric companion from enemy arrows. The effect, spell, or weapon’s damage dice are rolled twice and use the lower result. After being used in this way, the energy in each ring disappears and they both become mundane items.