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Gem Dragons

In deep caverns on the Material Plane and the Elemental Plane of Earth shine the gem dragons. Gem dragons take their name from their multicolored scales and scintillating gemstone eyes. They are among the most intelligent of the true dragons, and certainly the most patient. Born schemers, their elaborate plots are often centuries in the making.

Hidden Gems. Scholars believe gem dragons are the rarest true dragons, but perhaps they are simply the best hidden. Gem dragons tend to be intensely paranoid, far more comfortable sending agents to carry out their will than exposing themselves to risk. They are less greedy than their chromatic cousins, valuing information above gold. Each has its own vision of how the world should function. A gem dragon’s plans may be well-meaning or insidious, but their first step is always control.

Deep Scions. All gem dragons are psionic to some degree. As they age, gem dragons refine their mental talents until there is no distance beyond their mind’s reach. The eldest gem dragons bury their physical bodies deep below the earth, telepathically coordinating their intricate plans through the power of their minds alone. These ancient wyrms may “hibernate” for centuries. When they finally awaken, they shake the soil from their wings and take flight, much to the surprise of those who live above them.

Far Thoughts. The dragon is aware of any creature that uses a psionic ability or communicates telepathically within 100 miles of it. As an action, the dragon can psionically observe a creature, object, or location it is familiar with within 100 miles. While observing a subject in this way, the dragon can see, hear, and communicate telepathically, but it is blind and deaf in regard to its physical senses and does not require food or water. The dragon can psionically observe a subject indefinitely and can end this effect and return to its own senses as an action.