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When draconic blood flows through the veins of a non-dragon, that creature comes to exhibit dragonlike characteristics. A half-dragon has a dragon’s snout, fangs, and scaly hide, and possesses a breath weapon as devastating as that of a true dragon. Some half-dragons even grow wings. The lifespan of a half-dragon is far longer than that of most humanoids, with some half-dragons living 300 or 400 years.

Burning Blood. Mad wizards—or anyone in need of powerful minions—can infuse a creature with dragon blood. This painful process burns away much of a creature’s former nature, producing a servant loyal to its creator but perpetually tortured by the blood burning in its veins. Chromatic and gem dragons frequently employ this technique to create dependable servants.

Shape Changers. Metallic dragons that take humanoid form sometimes fall in love, mate, and even marry in that form. The product of such unions is a half-dragon. A metallic half-dragon is often nurtured by both its parents, though a humanoid parent may die of old age long before their half-dragon child is fully grown.

Dragonborn Champions. A child of dragonborn parents sometimes exhibits half-dragon characteristics. Often, a half-dragon dragonborn is expected to take on the role of chieftain or champion. Those halfdragons unwilling to take on the mantle of leadership often leave dragonborn society altogether.

Dragonborn champions are particularly common among dragonborn tribes that serve essence dragons.