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Metallic Dragons

Fairy tales speak of noble dragons with glittering scales of precious metal, who act as guides and protectors to errant humans. And indeed, while metallic dragons are as greedy and power-hungry as any dragon, they are more likely to uphold the tenets of peace and order than to ravage the land with fire and fury.

Careful Stewards. Many metallic dragons consider themselves stewards of their territories. With an eye to tomorrow’s hunt, metallic dragons avoid overtaxing the land’s boundary. They extend this understanding to humanoids in their dominion, whom they allow to flourish so long as they don’t challenge dragons for supremacy. Humanoids, after all, are useful: they produce fine art and mine for precious metals, both of which dragons covet. Some metallic dragons trade their benevolence for such gifts, while others take what they want by force, especially from those they deem unworthy of protection: bandits, troublemakers, and those who assert independence from the dragons’ dominion.

Social Creatures. Metallic dragons are the most social of true dragons, organizing themselves in close-knit communities based on blood relation or found family. They often fly long distances to share each others’ company. When other dragons are scarce, some metallic dragons even turn to humanoids for companionship. Adult metallic dragons can magically take on humanoid shape, and they sometimes form genuine friendships with humanoids. Not even the most affable dragon, however, will risk its treasure by sharing the secrets of its lair.