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Oozes thrive in the deep, dark, and dank places of the world. Shapeless blobs capable of squeezing through even the narrowest spaces, they are mindless scavengers that dissolve metal and organic matter to fuel their strange metabolisms.

Multipliers. Oozes have no organs or internal structure of any kind. Split in half, each piece of an ooze can grow into an independent organism. Even a bit of ooze stuck to an adventurer’s boot can eventually grow into a new ooze, devouring the boot and the adventurer as well. Scorching an ooze’s remains with fire, or exposing it to sunlight, are the surest ways of wiping it out permanently.

Thrive in Darkness. Oozes need little to survive. Unlike plants, they don’t require air, and sunlight shrivels them. They don’t need water to grow, although they can swim through it as easily as they crawl over dry land. All an ooze needs is organic matter or ferrous metal, and it can survive without much of either. When trapped in a pit or passageway it can’t escape from, an ooze can serve as a tireless custodian and watchdog. Immaculately clean stone passageways are a sure sign that an ooze is nearby, and hungry.