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Mundane consumable items like food and water are simplified into a single item called Supply. When an adventurer gains access to food and water, they can add Supply to their inventory.

  • 1 Supply consists of enough combined food and water to sustain a Small- or Medium-sized creature for a day.
  • Large-sized creatures require 2 Supply each day. Creatures of Huge size or larger require an amount of Supply determined by the Narrator.
  • A creature can carry a number of Supply equal to its Strength score in addition to the rest of its gear. A Large-sized creature can carry Supply equal to twice its Strength score.
  • Whenever a creature takes a long rest , it must consume Supply. If it does not, it gains a level of fatigue .
  • At the Narrator’s discretion a beast can hunt, forage, or graze before taking a long rest, only requiring Supply if the region is not plentiful enough for it to do so.
  • Supply consumed while in another form (like while under the effects of a polymorphing spell or a druid’s wild shape) is wasted and provides no nourishment when a creature returns to its normal form.

When adventurers run out of Supply while journeying, they can access more in a few ways. Some journey activities allow adventurers to forage for more food and water. Boons and discoveries , which are common rewards for exploration challenges, may lead to more Supply. As a last resort, the party may need to take a detour to the nearest town, find a wandering merchant, or even abandon the journey and head home.

Purchasing Supply

Supply can be purchased in the form of iron rations at a cost of 5 silver for 1 Supply. Finer foods may cost more.