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Zombies are animated corpses stripped of any spirit or intelligence they bore in life. Most often, zombies are created by necromancers or other evil spellcasters, although it’s not unheard of for zombies to arise spontaneously in areas marked by profound evil or unholy energy.

Death In Action. Zombies bear whatever wounds or decay they suffered before their animation. Although the necromantic energies involved in animating a zombie greatly slow further decay, all zombies eventually molder away.

Unlive To Serve. Zombies can be given basic orders by their creators. “Guard this door,” “attack that creature,” and “defend me” are common commands. A zombie attempts to execute its orders in the most straightforward way possible, heedlessly exposing itself to danger. Without orders, a zombie either attacks nearby creatures or remains entirely motionless.

Undead Nature. A zombie doesn’t require air, sustenance, or sleep.