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Wand of the Scribe

Wand, Common (requires attunement; cost 75 gp)
Crafting Components

Personal journal or diary regularly kept for at least a year

(requires attunement by a bard or wizard)

Nearly half the size of most other wands, this arcane implement is a solid piece of mithral with a tapered point that resembles the nib of a writing quill. While you are attuned to the wand, you can write on parchment and similar surfaces that would hold ink as though using an ordinary quill. The wand never runs out of ink when used this way.

The wand of the scribe has 1d6 charges and regains 3 charges each dawn. You can expend 1 charge from the wand to cast illusory script . You can also expend 1 charge from the wand to create a copy of any mundane document without requiring a forgery kit, substituting an Arcana check for any ability check you would normally make. Finally, you can expend 2 charges from the wand to transcribe 1 minute of conversation that you can hear. You do not need to understand the language being spoken, and can choose to write it in any language that you know.

If you expend the wand’s last charge, roll a d20. On a result of 5 or less, the wand bursts causing ink to stain your hand and the front of any clothing you are wearing as the enchanted trinket breaks apart.