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nd tier (
(3 hours)

Sand, grit, and glass pelt the flesh as powerful winds fling debris in such overwhelming amounts that navigation is nearly impossible.

Extremely High Winds. Ranged weapon attacks have disadvantage and can only be made with thrown weapons, unattended and poorly secured objects fly off in the wind, and flying is nearly impossible (requiring an Acrobatics check each minute to avoid plummeting to the ground). At the end of each hour in this area, each adventurer makes a Strength saving throw or they are thrown 50 feet by the wind, taking 14 (4d6) bludgeoning damage and landing prone .

Reduced Visibility. The maximum range of any sight-based senses is 5 feet. In addition, Perception checks are made with disadvantage , and all passive scores (including passive Perception) are reduced by 5. 

Ropes. Any adventurers attached together by rope have advantage on saving throws to resist being thrown by the wind, but on a failed save anyone directly attached to a thrown adventurer is themselves thrown half as far.

Possible Solutions

An Engineering check allows an adventurer to hastily assemble improvised shelter capable of surviving the sandstorm, losing 7 (2d6) hours, or a group Survival check helps push through the onslaught.

Critical Failure: Everything is lost! All of the party’s Supply and one randomly determined item from each adventurer is scattered to the winds. Collecting all of their belongings after the storm ends (in 3 hours) takes 13 (2d12) hours, and even then half of their Supply is ruined.

Failure: Each adventurer loses 4 (1d4+2) Supply to the sands and winds.

Success: The adventurers have to brush off a thick coating of sand but otherwise push through the storm.

Critical Success: The storm passes quickly or the adventurers find an unexpected route (a steep canyon, underground passage, and so on) that allows them to continue unhindered.