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Crumbling Masonry

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(less than 1 hour)

Part of the road has crumbled away, leaving this ruin to block the path ahead. There are abundant handholds in the crumbling 40 ft wall, making for easy climbing. However, the shattered stone strewn about suggests anyone falling may bring the wall with them.

Heads Up. At the end of every 10 minutes spent within 30 feet of the wall, a random creature makes a Dexterity saving throw . On a failure, they are struck by falling stonework and take 7 (2d6) bludgeoning damage.

Possible Solutions

The party needs to make a group check.

Engineering checks can be used to discern the most structurally sound part of the wall, or to dismantle part of it to create a passage. For the latter, the use of a block and tack, hammer, or crowbar provides an expertise dice for this check. Using damage dealing spells, black powder charges, or a portable ram gives disadvantage on the check.

Athletics checks can be made to climb the wall. Adventurers with a climb speed or with a set of climbing gear make this check with advantage . The use of a rope provides all connected adventurers with an expertise dice for this check. However, if one fails all others must make a Strength saving throw or also fail.

Critical Failure. The adventurers are buried in falling masonry, taking 10 (3d6) bludgeoning damage, and are restrained , requiring an Athletics check to escape the debris. At the end of the next round, a rock troll arrives to investigate the noise.

Failure. Each adventurer takes 10 (3d6) bludgeoning damage from the debris and loses 2 Supply amongst the rubble.

Success. The party makes it past the wall.

Critical Success. The party creates a permanent hole in the wall or has identified an area that does not crumble. In either case, they do not require checks to pass the wall in this location in the future.