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Ring of the Vengeance Seeker

Ring, Rare (cost 900 gp)
Crafting Components

A flawless emerald left to soak in a manufactured poison of at least uncommon rarity for a year and a day

This silver ring is set with an exquisite emerald. As an action, you can rotate the ring three times on your finger, casting the poison skin spell. When cast in this way, the effect of the bright colors gives the appearance of brilliantly-colored makeup, face paint, or hair dye, removing the disadvantage to Stealth. Recognizing the coloring for what it is requires a DC 14 Arcana check. Once the ring has been used in this way, it cannot be used until the next evening.

You can also use an action to release the gem from its setting and drop it into a container of liquid no larger than a mug of ale. The liquid functions as a truth serum. Once the gem is removed, the ring becomes a mundane item.