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Parasol of the Blade

Weapon, Rare (requires attunement; cost 700 gp)
Crafting Components

Shards of a 1 weapon , fabric woven from giant spider silk

This appears to be a mundane parasol, with a bird-shaped handle and a delicate lace canopy. As a bonus action, you can say the command word and pull the handle free to draw a blade of light from the shaft of the parasol, with the handle as its hilt. You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon, which functions as a rapier that deals radiant damage instead of piercing and has the parrying immunity property. You are considered proficient with it as long as you are attuned to the parasol of the blade.

Returning the handle to the parasol requires an action, and if the blade is more than 120 feet from the rest of the parasol, it flickers out and cannot be used until the parasol is whole again.