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Submitted by Morrus on Mon, 05/08/2023 - 11:34

Heritage Gifts Compiled Page Added

Every heritage in Level Up grants a choice of two or more heritage gifts which help to ensure that even character of the same heritage are individuals. Additionally, with your Narrator's approval, you can choose a heritage gift from a heritage other than the one you originally chose; this allows for the easy creation of adventurers with parents of two different heritages, or use of bases other than human for heritages such as tieflings.

To make this easier, we have added a page which compiles all the heritage gifts from official Level Up sources. You can use this page to select from a whole menu of heritage gifts, making it easier than ever to customize your character!

Note that gifts marked with an asterisk (*) are from heritages which choose two gifts--these include the Lizardfolk from Adventures in ZEITGEIST, Oozefolk from Dungeon Delver's Guide and the Dreamborn from the Gate Pass Gazette. Each of these gifts consitutes 'half' of a full heritage gift and shoud be chosen in pairs (i.e. if you choose one Dreamborn gift, you should choose a second).