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Ruined Bridge

th tier (
(1 day)

A bridge that was once hundreds of feet long no longer offers a route above this wide waterway as only its foundations remain, the powerful current of the rocky river wearing them away

Rocky Waters. Water vehicle checks made to navigate the river have disadvantage from the fast current and jutting rocks, and each failed check deals 7 (2d6) bludgeoning damage to a water vehicle.

Possible Solutions

The waterway may be crossed by leaping between the ruins of the bridge with Athletics, spurring on a mount to do so with Animal Handling, or directing repairs and making temporary supports with Engineering.

Critical Failure: The party is carried 500 (2d4 × 100) feet downriver (roll separately for each adventurer), losing 4 (1d4+2) hours of travel time and 10 (4d4) Supply . In addition, everyone suffers two levels of fatigue .

Failure: Each adventurer that fails suffers a level of fatigue and is carried 250 (2d4 × 50) feet downriver. The party loses 5 (2d4) Supply and 2 (1d4) hours of travel time regrouping.

Success: The adventurers cross safely.

Critical Success: The adventurers cross safely, and they discover a gift or clue along the way.