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Rockslide Trap

st tier (
(less than 1 hour)

When a pressure plate concealed on the ground registers 20 or more pounds of weight rocks prepared above the path fall in a torrent to crush everything below them.

Fly Away. The use of fly or similar magic triggers a critical success for that adventurer.

Off the Path. Any creature damaged by the Trap. This trap can be detected by a passive Perception of 14 to notice a hidden pressure plate among the variations in natural stone and ash on the ground. If the trap is not detected, it automatically triggers a critical failure.

Possible Solutions

A thieves’ tools check to wedge something beneath the pressure plate prevents it from activating, it might be carefully avoided with a group Acrobatics check, or jumped over with a group Athletics check (checks to climb along the sheer wall have disadvantage).

Critical Failure: Adventurers take 14 (4d6) bludgeoning damage. Anyone that takes 5 or more damage makes a Dexterity saving throw with disadvantage or gets knocked from the path, falling 6d10 feet before landing on an isolated ledge. Climbing back up requires an Athletics check.

Failure: As a critical failure, but the Dexterity saving throw is not made with disadvantage .

Success: The adventurers avoid or disarm the trap, or activate it from a safe distance.

Critical Success: The adventurers avoid or disarm the trap but have the option to leave it active for someone else to deal with.