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False Path Haunt

st tier (
(less than 1 hour)

When a living creature moves within 15 feet of the haunt it activates, assaulting minds with the false memories of the labyrinth’s architect.

Divine Quiet. A cleric or herald that uses Channel Divinity against the haunt suppresses it for 1 day.

Lore. After successfully resisting this haunt, a Religion check grants advantage on checks to notice it and on saving throws made against it.

Unnatural Sensation. Noticing this haunt requires a creature that has been affected by it at least once to make a Perception check to feel a sensation of déjà vu just before activating it again.

Possible Solutions

The haunt can only be permanently destroyed by bringing an end to Nemirtvi the vampire lord’s existence on Elissar.

Critical Failure: Each adventurer within 50 feet of the haunt makes a Wisdom saving throw with disadvantage . On a failure, they recall a quick, flighty path that appears to lead out of the maze on the opposite side from wherever they entered. This is entirely false and only serves to further misdirect anyone that comes across it.

Failure: As a critical failure, but the saving throw is not made with disadvantage .

Success: The adventurers suppress or bypass the haunt.

Critical Success: The adventurers suppress or bypass the haunt. After defeating Nemirtvi, during their journey home roll on the Boons and Discoveries table (page 196 in Trials & Treasures).