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Unholy Blight Trap

nd tier (
(less than 1 hour)

When a creature moves within 20 feet of this trap’s magical sensor it sends out a wave of unholy energy.

Delicate Sensor. Creatures that succeed on a Stealth check to move with careful and deliberate slowness do not activate the trap.

Spell Solve. Dispel magic (or any other effect that negates magic) and a spellcasting ability check deactivates the trap’s magic sensor for 1 hour. A critical on the spellcasting ability check results in a critical success.

Trap. This trap can be detected by an Investigation check to notice brimming energies beneath the dust caking the glyphs and scripts empowering this trap. If the trap is not detected, it automatically triggers a critical failure.

Possible Solutions

Any creature is able to activate the trap. Painstaking and careful alterations to the carvings of the magical sensor can deactivate it for 1 minute before it repairs itself.

Critical Failure: Each creature in a 20-foot radius of the trap makes a Wisdom saving throw with disadvantage , taking 22 (5d8) necrotic damage on a failure or half damage on a success. On a failure by 5 or more, an adventurer regains half as many hit points as normal the next time they finish a short or long rest .

Failure: As a critical failure, but the saving throw is not made with disadvantage .

Success: The adventurers avoid or disarm the trap.

Critical Success: The adventurers avoid or disarm the trap but have the option to leave the trap active for someone else to deal with.