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st tier (
(1 hour)

The area is rife with glowing wisps that float always just beyond reach. Occasionally they whisper with the voices of those long dead, and visions of lost loved ones flash in the distance, beckoning for adventurers to follow.

Unholy Visions. An adventurer can make a Religion check to recall and recite an appropriate prayer or hymn, causing the ghostlights to waver. This gives the party an expertise die on ability checks made against this challenge.

Possible Solutions

The adventurers must make a group Insight check to see through the ghostly distractions and keep on path, or a Religion check to disrupt the ghostlights. Alternatively, the group could blindfold and tie themselves together and let one person lead the group, making a single Insight check and a Survival check to keep moving the right way.

Critical Failure. The welcoming visions once followed turn to nightmarish portents of death. Each party member suffers two levels of strife and become separated. They lose 4 (1d6) hours regrouping.

Failure. Two randomly determined adventurers wander off and are shown nightmarish portents, suffering two levels of strife before being found or returning to the party.

Success. The adventurers shut out the ghostly visions successfully and traverse the area without incident.

Critical Success. The adventurers spot a ghostlight that seems to act differently from the others, hovering over something important. Roll on the Boons and Discoveries table.