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Insidious Paranoia

nd tier (
(1 hour)

Has he always had that tic? Have they always talked like that? Her stride is wrong. They’re all acting strange and will surely cut your throat at any moment. The party is hit by an insidious paranoia that the other adventurers are possessed, traitorous, or otherwise corrupted.

No Trust. For the duration, party members can’t use the Help action and can’t voluntarily accept beneficial effects from one another (such as healing) unless they succeed on a Wisdom saving throw .

Possible Solutions

A group Insight check is required to clearly judge one another’s intentions and keep from overreacting.

Critical Failure. The adventurers’ trust is shattered as they quarrel, potentially coming to dangerous blows Each adventurer takes 21 (6d6) psychic damage (or appropriate type from a physical fight). They also each suffer a level of fatigue and strife .

Failure. The constant suspicion and fighting wear the adventurers down. Each suffers a level of fatigue and strife .

Success. The adventurers calm down, talk things out, and clear the suspicions without further incident.

Critical Success. The adventurers do more than clear the air: they dispel their paranoia and come out of it with a stronger bond. For the next 3 (1d6) days, the first time an adventurer uses the Help action to grant advantage , they additionally grant an expertise die .