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Horn of Valhalla

Wondrous Item, Rare (cost 1000 gp)
Crafting Components


You can use an action to blow this horn and summon the spirits of fallen warriors. These spirits appear within 60 feet of you and use the statistics for berserker hordes . They return to Valhalla after 1 hour or when they drop to 0 hit points. Once you use the horn, it can’t be used again for 7 days.

Four types of horn of Valhalla are known to exist, each made of a different metal. The horn’s type determines how many berserker hordes answer its summons, as well as the requirement for its use. The Narrator chooses the horn’s type or determines it randomly.

Table: Horn of Valhalla

Horn Rarity Cost Crafting Components Berserker Hordes Summoned
Silver Rare 1,000 gp Silver sword pendant that has been carried into battle 2
Brass Rare 5,000 gp Horn of a celestial creature 3
Bronze Very rare 10,000 gp Horn of a horned devil 4
Iron Legendary 75,000 gp Horn that has been blown by a solar 5