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Animated Objects

In a world filled with magic, even the most mundane object might be more than it appears. Animated objects can sit motionless for years, only to spring to life at their master’s command. Though animated objects do not normally possess personalities of their own, some mirror the traits of their creator, their environment, or the creatures they interact with regularly.

Tireless Guardians. Their innocuous appearance makes animated objects the perfect guardians for those looking to catch intruders by surprise. Because they do not eat or rest, such objects can remain at their posts for centuries, long after their original owners have moved on.

Endless Variety. With potent enough magic, nearly any object can be granted the semblance of life. Creators of animated objects might weave other magic into their handiwork, such as the ability to sense falsehoods spoken in the item’s presence, immunity to a certain element or spell, or a curse that befalls whoever destroys the object.