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Cinder Chaser

Fire has fascinated creatures since time immemorial, and fire elementaari in particular delight in the exciting and volatile nature of their inborn element. Raised near active volcanos or other such fiery hazards, where danger is a constant companion, individuals from this culture often seek out danger and thrills when venturing forth into the world.

Characters raised in the cinder chaser culture share a variety of traits in common with one another.

Cinder Chaser Weapon Training. Your people specialize in weaponry that evokes the flashing, crackling flames. You have proficiency with scimitars and whips.

Fire Crafter. You are proficient with glassblower’s tools and smith’s tools

Heat Tolerance. You have resistance to fire damage; if you already have fire resistance, you are instead immune to the effects of environments of extreme heat and gain a expertise die to Survival checks in such environments.

Thrillseeker. Your tendency to take risks has given you great skill and nerves of steel. You have proficiency in Acrobatics and Athletics, as well as an expertise die on saving throws to resist being frightened .

Languages. You can speak, read, write, and sign Common and Ignan.