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Giants tower over other mortals, standing between 15 and 30 feet tall. While they may look like large humanoids, they are in actuality beings with close ties to other planes.

Elemental Power. Giants left their mark on the world long before the rise of the empires of humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs. Some say giants are the descendants of elemental gods, and thus are the inheritors of divine power. Others believe giants were created at the dawn of the world, hewn from the same primal elemental matter that gave birth to the Material Plane. Whatever their origin, giants are powerful forces of nature.

Ancestral Homes. Giants claim their empires once spanned the world. Indeed, many giant clans still habit ancient palaces of imperial grandeur. These palaces invariably have close ties to elemental and other planes and contain ancient treasures that can draw the attention of adventurer and dragon alike.

Towering Achievements. Giantkind has produced some of the world’s greatest warriors, finest craftspeople, and most powerful spellcasters. Giants value competition, from the frost giants’ contests of strength to the hill giants’ eating contests. Most giants do not concern themselves with the affairs of humanoids, while the worst among them exploit small folk for their own ends. History is filled with stories of giants raiding farms or kidnapping people, but also of wise giants passing knowledge down to the small folk or giant heroes slaying rampaging beasts.