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Green Dragon

Green dragons enjoy a reputation as cunning schemers who relish twisting the minds of their prey. Green dragons rarely attack without warning: they enjoy combat more when it’s preceded by the frisson of deceit and fear.

Beguiling Words. Conversing with a green dragon is a mistake. Many find the dragon’s words, an artful mixt of lies and half-truths, nearly irresistible. A creature charmed by a green dragon may reveal closely-held secrets and betray friendships. If a creature appears useful, the dragon will let it go, but the creature’s behavior may be influenced by the dragon’s subtle prompts long after its escape.

Prisoners and Minions. Most green dragons collect interesting prisoners: minstrels to soothe it, nobles to charm and subvert, and knights and warriors to torment with terror and lies. A green dragon values its stable of prisoners almost as much as its actual treasure hoard.

Only slightly less precious than its prisoners are the dragon’s many minions: the kobolds and other monsters that guard its lair, the forest creatures that report to it, and the agents throughout the world that are bound to it by charms, bribes, or threats.

Playing Politics. Unlike most chromatic dragons, green dragons are intensely interested in humanoid politics. Many a mysterious assassination was funded with wealth from a green dragon’s hoard. Green dragons sometimes even orchestrate conflicts between two rival factions, favoring the side that it believes to be the most venal and destructive.

Enemies of Civilization. A green dragon finds cruel amusement in its schemes, but in the long term its meddling has a more sinister purpose: by sowing discord among the humanoids that rule more settled lands, the dragon weakens those who might stand against a draconic conqueror.