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Knighthood is a combination of intense lifelong training, unerring loyalty, and the hard work of modern blacksmithing. The knight is an impenetrable fortress containing the heart of a hero borne swiftly through battle on a noble steed amidst the fluttering heraldry of their house and country. Cultures differ and a knight may take many forms or titles, but duty, honor, and loyalty are universal. Knights are elite warriors bound by honor and a towering example for others to follow—or to fear.

Level 3Armory Training

At 3rd level, you learn some of the finer minutiae that let you feel comfortable in even the heaviest armors. You gain the following benefits:

  • Your passive Perception score is not reduced while wearing a helm or visored helm.
  • You never suffer fatigue from wearing armor or sleeping in armor.
  • You can don or doff armor in half the time it would normally take.
  • You never have disadvantage on Acrobatics or Stealth checks due to wearing armor or using a heavy shield.

Level 3Chivalrous Traditions

Also at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in one of the following combat traditions of your choice: Adamant Mountain, Sanguine Knot, Spirited Steed. When you gain this feature you can choose one of the maneuvers you know and replace it with another maneuver of the same degree or lower from your newly chosen combat tradition.

Level 3Honor Bound

Also at 3rd level, you swear yourself either to a code of conduct or to a lord or nation. Choose one of the following.

Loyal to the Crown. You are loyal to a specific nation, lord, organization, or other authority. While you are in good standing with that authority and are within their area of influence, you and your allies can easily find free food and lodging, and creatures with a CR lower than yours that are also loyal to that authority may perform simple tasks at your request. You lose good standing with that authority if you go against their wishes. Consult the Narrator on authorities within the campaign setting, their wishes, and what will keep or return you to good standing with them.

Loyal to the Code. You are loyal to a specific code of honor. You gain an expertise die on Persuasion checks. However, whenever you break your code you suffer a level of strife and instead have disadvantage on Persuasion checks for the following 7 days. Choose one of the following codes to keep:

- I will never harm a creature that has surrendered.

- I will never steal from a living soul.

- I will never let a lie pass my lips.

Alternatively, consult the Narrator for any codes specific to the campaign setting.

Level 7Inspiring Charge

At 7th level, you embrace the role of the knightly vanguard and learn to lead others into the fray. You can use an action and spend 1 exertion point to perform an Inspiring Charge. Move up to your Speed (or your mount’s Speed) in a straight line and make a melee weapon attack. You gain an expertise die on this attack. Until the end of your next turn, attacks made by you or allies within 10 feet gain an expertise die.  

10th LevelAdditional Fighting Style

At 10th level, you’ve mastered multiple styles that constitute a knight’s martial prowess. You gain an additional Fighting Style from the following list: Battle Ready, Defense, Dueling, Great Weapon Fighting, Mounted Combatant, Protection, Tireless Fighting.   

Level 15Ever-Ready

At 15th level, you embody the belief that a knight’s duty is never over. Whenever you roll for initiative and have no exertion points remaining, you gain a number of exertion points equal to your proficiency bonus. 

18th LevelKnight of Renown

At 18th level, you have become a legendary knight, an almost mythical thing that is inspiring to see fighting alongside. The range of your Inspiring Charge is increased to 60 feet from 10 feet, and any of your allies that enter that area for the first time on their turn or begin their turn there gain inspiration. A creature can only gain inspiration in this way once between long rests .