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Whether you worked as a sentry, constable, member of the city watch, or even a knightly order, rich folk used to pay you to protect them. These days you’re looking after yourself. 

Did you stand watch in a throne room or lookout tower? Walk a beat on city streets? Travel with a caravan? Why did you turn in your badge and sword?

Ability Score Increases: +1 to Strength and one other ability score.

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, and either Athletics or Investigation.

Languages: One of your choice.

Suggested Equipment (Cost 11 gold): Common clothes, halberd, uniform.

Feature: Natural Authority. Commoners and civilians sometimes assume you are part of a local constabulary force and defer to you.

Adventures and Advancement. When you visit the city or countryside you once patrolled you’re sure to get embroiled in the same politics that drove you out. Should you stick around righting wrongs, you might accidentally find yourself in a position of responsibility.

Guard Connections

  1. The corrupt guard captain who framed you.
  2. The by-the-book guard captain who found you in violation of a regulation.
  3. The mighty guard captain who taught you all you know.
  4. The informant who tipped you off about criminal activity.
  5. The noble or merchant you protected.
  6. The comrade or superior officer you admired.
  7. The villain who kidnapped the person you were charged to protect.
  8. Your betrayer, the one person you didn’t think to mistrust.
  9. The noble or merchant who had everyone in their pocket.
  10. The diviner wizard who could usually provide you with the missing piece of a puzzle.

Guard Mementos

  1. Your badge of office, a symbol of an ideal few could live up to.
  2. Your badge of office, a symbol of a corrupt system you could no longer stomach.
  3. The arrow-damaged prayer book or playing card deck that saved your life.
  4. The whiskey flask that stood you in good stead on many cold patrols.
  5. Notes about a series of disappearances you would have liked to put a stop to.
  6. A broken sword, torn insignia, or other symbol of your disgrace and banishment.
  7. A tattoo or insignia marking you as part of an organization of which you are the last member.
  8. The fellow guard’s last words which you will never forget.
  9. A letter you were asked to deliver.
  10. A bloodstained duty roster.