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Sapphire Dragon

From secret places deep in the earth, the minds of the sapphire dragons wander through space and time seeking answers. Their psionic powers allow them to see the future, albeit hazily, and their prescient warnings have prevented countless disasters. Of all gem dragons, sapphire dragons spend the least time attending to their physical bodies, their far-reaching minds achieving more than fangs or talons ever could. They hide their physical forms well, but if uncovered they are far from defenseless. A sapphire dragon does
not breathe mere elements; instead, it projects psychic waveforms that reduce mortal minds to ash.

Esoteric Orchestrators. As sapphire dragons grow older, their capacity for precognition increases. The eldest can see centuries into the future. And while their intentions are not always pure, they often aim to prevent the worst disasters. A sapphire dragon’s demands can be downright bizarre. They might order their minions to steal an emperor’s tea kettle, ensure two seemingly random people fall in love, or assassinate a pet goldfish. Most agents are confident in their master’s premonitions, but it is often impossible to prove or disprove their value.

Digging for Answers. The fortune-telling abilities of sapphire dragons are legendary, leading enterprising rulers to seek them out as sages, or even to take them captive to serve as private prognosticators. A sapphire dragon’s predictions must be evaluated carefully, however. The wisdom they impart might be the answers their masters seek, or simply a cunning misdirection created by the dragon to further its own ends.