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Squad Template

You can treat a group of 5 to 10 identical NPCs or other monsters as a single creature by applying the Squad template to the base creature’s stat block. This allows high-level characters to battle large numbers of enemies without bogging down the game in dozens of die rolls each turn.

The squad template is best used on intelligent, organized creatures with a Challenge Rating 3 or lower that are size Small or larger. Creatures with short, simple stat blocks make the best squads. Depending on the nature and organization of the creatures, the squad may be called a unit, squad, or horde of creatures.

A squad retains all the statistics of one of its members except as noted below.

Size. The squad’s Size increases by two categories. If the base creature is Small, the squad’s Size instead increases to Large.

Type. The squad’s new type is “group of [the original creature’s size and type].”

Challenge Rating. You can recalculate the squad’s CR using the information in Appendix C: Designing Monsters, or you can use the following shortcut: new CR = (old CR x 4) + 2, rounded up. An altered Challenge Rating may cause the squad’s Proficiency Bonus to change as well.

HP. The squad’s hit points, bloodied hit points, and number of hit dice are multiplied by 5.

The squad gains the following traits:

Area Vulnerability. The squad takes double damage from any effect that targets an area.

Squad Dispersal. When the squad is reduced to 0 hit points, it turns into 2 (1d4) base creatures, each of which are bloodied .

Squad. The squad is composed of 5 or more creatures. If it is subjected to a spell, attack, or other effect that affects only one target, it takes any damage but ignores other effects. It can share its space with Medium or smaller creatures or objects. The squad can move through any opening large enough for one base creature without squeezing.

Damage and Healing. Any action or trait that deals damage deals five times the usual damage, or half that if the squad is bloodied . Any action or trait that restores hit points restores five times the usual hit points, or half that if the squad is bloodied.