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Civilizations can thrive without developing metallurgy, either by choice or because they live in stone-age cultures. Those from such societies are known as the stoneworthy. They are often adaptable and tenacious, with skills well-suited for adventuring.

Characters raised in the stoneworthy culture share a variety of traits in common with one another. 

Focused Patience. Once between long rests, you can do one of the following:

Concentrate: You gain an expertise die on a Constitution saving throw made to maintain concentration .

Persist: You may reattempt a failed ability check.

Natural Barterer. You are used to handling transactions without currency, and can appraise the relative worth of many items. When bartering, haggling, or negotiating an exchange of goods, you gain an expertise die on Intimidation and Persuasion checks, and you may always choose which ability score to use for these rolls (Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma).

Natural Survivalist. You gain proficiency in Survival.

Temporary Expert. You pick up new skills quickly. Each time you gain a level, you may choose to lose proficiency in one skill or tool and gain proficiency in a different skill or tool in its place. You cannot trade a skill proficiency for a tool proficiency, and vice versa.

Versatile Crafter. You may spend 4 hours between long rests crafting one non-metal tool or simple weapon, or five pieces of ammunition, provided you have access to the materials needed and the final cost of the items does not exceed 5 gold.

Languages. You can speak, read, write, and sign Common and one other language.