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Valuables include jewelry, equipment, art, and other objects, and can come in nearly limitless varieties. Each of the following tables contains some examples. Of all forms of treasure, valuables are the most useful for showing the characteristics and history of a treasure hoard or its owner. These may include items that point the way to further adventures, like letters and treasure maps.


1 Arms and armor. Rapier or shortbow

2 Artwork. Competent portrait or tavern sign

3 Bracelet. Bronze torque or silver bangle

4 Clothing. Fine fur-trimmed cloak or floppy feathered hat

5 Earrings. Silver and malachite pendants or tiny gold skulls

6 Equipment. A dulcimer or navigator’s tools

7 Useful object. Copper pot, silver hatpin, or nonmagical crystal ball

8 Ring. Copper and garnet ring or plain gold band

9 Statuary. Painted wooden knight or stone elephant statuette

10 Trade goods. Bolt of cloth or 7 pounds of cloves

11 Vial of liquid. Acid or holy water

12 Writing. Ordinary book or local map


1 Ring. Gold band set with a moonstone or lion-headed gold ring

2 Bracelet. Electrum chain or silver and obsidian band

3 Earrings. Chalcedony pendants or small gold or silver studs

4 Necklace. Gold locket or thick silver chain

5 Clothing. Stylish cap or gloves

6 Statuary. Marble figurine or pair of bronze dragon bookends

7 Artwork. Watercolors or worn tapestry of rare plants

8 Trade goods. 5 pounds of saffron or fifteen 1-pound silver bars

9 Arms and armor. Concealable boot dagger or silver-hilted longsword

10 Useful object. Gold-framed mirror, silver and quartz chalice, or silver snuff box

11 Writing. Bestiary or map of a distant land

12 Vial of liquid. Antitoxin or medicinal salve


1 Ring. Mithral band or pearl solitaire

2 Bracelet. Gold armlet or silver and pearl bracelet

3 Earrings. Gold hoops or pearl pendants

4 Necklace. Dragontooth necklace or fine gold chain hung with gold leaves

5 Clothing. Pointy-toed shoes or a stylish silk doublet

6 Statuary. Marble bust or small silver idol

7 Artwork. Excellent portrait of a famous person or fine tapestry

8 Trade goods. 5 grams of diamond dust or five 1-pound gold bars

9 Arms and armor. Gold-hilted sword or silver helmet

10 Useful object. Set of gold buttons, silver ewer, or silver jewelry box

11 Writing. Rare book or treasure map which leads to the discovery of a rare spell of at least 2nd-level

12 Vial of liquid. Faerie dragon euphoria gas (acts as the breath weapon if inhaled) or shadow elf poison (200 gp)


1 Ring. Black pearl nose ring or peridot ring carved with a family crest

2 Bracelet. Gold bangle or platinum chain

3 Earrings. Dangling platinum earrings or white and black pearl pendants

4 Necklace. Coral bead necklace or thick gold chain

5 Regalia. Gold tiara or silver scepter

6 Clothing. Gold-buckled belt or high fashion hat

7 Statuary. Gold idol or jade statuette

8 Artwork. Gold-threaded tapestry or masterpiece painting

9 Trade goods. Bolt of fine silk or 1-pound mithral bar

10 Arms and armor. Gold-handled sword stick (acts as rapier) or half plate

11 Useful object. Gold ewer, gold harp, or gold incense burner

12 Vial of liquid. Two doses oil of taggit (400 gp each) or pale tincture (650 gp)


1 Ring. Gold band set with a single emerald or with a dozen tiny opals

2 Earrings. Blue or yellow sapphire earrings 

3 Necklace. Ruby pendant or string of pearls

4 Clothing. Royal dress or robe

5 Statuary. Figurine carved from emerald or gold idol

6 Useful object. Gem-studded gold goblet, gold jewelry box, or fine mithral-inlaid lute

7 Regalia. Platinum orb or silver and topaz crown

8 Vial of liquid. Purple worm poison (2,000 gp) or two doses of wyvern poison (1,250 gp each)

9 Writing. Undiscovered masterpiece play or deed to a fort

10 Arms and armor. Ceremonial gold-etched full plate or royal greatsword with gem-studded hilt 


1 Ring. Diamond solitaire or ruby and platinum ring

2 Earrings. Diamond studs or platinum and black sapphire earrings

3 Necklace. Flawless jacinth pendant or string of black pearls 

4 Statuary. Life-sized silver statue or platinum statuette

5 Useful object. Bloodstone and jade chess set, gold and ruby warhorn, or gold bejeweled ewer

6 Regalia. Gemmed gold crown or gold scepter

7 Writing. Full royal pardon for one unspecified crime or legendary tome of magical theory which leads to the discovery of a rare spell of at least 5th-level

8 Trade goods. 8-pound adamantine meteorite or ore of some exotic metal from a different plane (examples: cloudsilver, efreeti brass, glassteel)


1 Necklace. Necklace of rubies or diamonds

2 Jewelry. Adamantine mask or platinum armlet studded with jacinths

3 Statuary. Gold statuette with ruby eyes or life-sized masterpiece bronze statue

4 Regalia. Gemmed gold breastplate or mithral crown

5 Useful object. Black dragon egg, mithral and gold chest with a masterwork lock, or portable door which opens to a permanent demiplane

6 Writing. Bank note for 25,000 gp from a bank in a major city, map that leads to a fabled treasure, mythical city, or the discovery of a rare spell of at least 8th-level