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White Dragon

Although the smallest of chromatic dragons, white dragons are also the most vicious. They find the presence of other creatures loathsome and slay those who enter their frozen domain.

Frozen Solitude. White dragons gravitate toward the cold, deserted lands at the edges of the world. They enjoy the solitude and purity of their icy homes. Most white dragons consider any intrusion into their territory an affront. Quick to anger and careless of its own wounds, a white dragon’s fury can drive off even larger dragons.

While white dragons prefer to be alone, they occasionally tolerate servants who remain quiet and stay out of sight. The dour frost giants and cowed kobolds that serve a white dragon know better than to call attention to themselves, especially when their master is hungry.

Icy Fastness. A white dragon’s territory slowly transforms into a frozen wasteland and eventually becomes the eye of a permanent winter storm. The largest white dragons have ambitions to extend their realms further, freezing the entire world.