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Name Details Prerequisite Source Synergy?
Albian Hillrunner The lands of Albia are not for the faint of heart, the very ground quickly shifting between difficult and dangerous. Even established roads are prone to bandits, sudden change… To Save A Kingdom No
Allesund Courtier You have befriended or impressed one of Allesund’s nobles, earning you the services of one of their most trusted advisors. Your Wisdom or Charisma score increases by 1, to a m… Noble background or the favor of a noble To Save A Kingdom No
Festung Apprentice The practitioners of the darkest arcane arts in Elissar work spells that press upon the boundaries of the realms material, and those within the Festung are the only users of m… Power Caster , proficiency in Arcana To Save A Kingdom No
Festung Mage Within the bowels of the Festung are grimoires and tomes only the most dedicated mages are allowed to access, the teachings inside of such import and danger that even their ex… Festung Apprentice To Save A Kingdom No
Hinterland Drifter Journeying through the unforgiving Hinterlands has made you a hardy traveler, as well as an expert on dealing with the orcs that call it home. Whether you are merely a tolerat… Charisma 13 or higher To Save A Kingdom No
Howling Sledder You have become an expert dog sledder—perhaps taught by one of the Steam Striders of Skappa—and are superb at both caring for your hardworking dogs and your vehicle. You gain… Proficiency with land vehicles To Save A Kingdom No
Ironfall Seafarer Quelling any trace of seasickness, rubbing elbows with pirates and sailors alike, and fully acclimating to the seafaring lifestyle has gained you the following benefits. ● Yo… To Save A Kingdom No
Shield of Festung For all their brilliance and power the fell mages of the Festung still have great need for strongarmed servants—both living and undead. The mortal warriors that tend to the fo… Spellbreaker To Save A Kingdom No
Sword of Festung It is rare for a warrior serving the Festung to remain there for long, but those who fully embrace their service attain great power in exchange. Years of conditioning and care… Shield of Festung To Save A Kingdom No
Wonder of the Lost Ages Whether you are the descendant of a long-lost ancient civilization, were bitten by a magical lightning bug, or wandered into an errant beam of starlight is uncertain—what is n… 8th level or higher To Save A Kingdom No