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Magic Items

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Rarity Category Subcategory Cost (gp) Tags Source
Ammunition +1 Uncommon Weapon 500 Trials & Treasures
Ammunition +2 Rare Weapon 2,000 Trials & Treasures
Ammunition +3 Very Rare Weapon 8,000 Trials & Treasures
Ancient Broom Artifact Weapon Other 999,999 Attunement, Sentient Trials & Treasures
Angurvadal, the Stream of Anguish Very Rare Weapon 20,000 Attunement, Charges Gate Pass Gazette
Arrow of Slaying Very Rare Weapon 8,000 Trials & Treasures
Asi Legendary Weapon 140,000 Attunement, Sentient Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters
Axe of Chilling Fear Rare Weapon 1,200 Attunement, Cursed Gate Pass Gazette
Berserker Axe Rare Weapon 600 Attunement, Cursed Trials & Treasures
Black Axe (Weapon) Rare Weapon 2,000 Attunement, Cursed To Save A Kingdom
Bow of the Viper Rare Weapon 3,200 Charges Gate Pass Gazette
Cipher Sword Very Rare Weapon 18,750 Attunement, Cursed Gate Pass Gazette
Dagger of Venom Rare Weapon Other 2,500 Trials & Treasures
Dancing Sword Very Rare Weapon Other 8,000 Attunement Trials & Treasures
Dark Stone Uncommon Weapon 100 Dungeon Delver's Guide
Defender Legendary Weapon Other 60,000 Attunement Trials & Treasures
Doorbreaker Rare Weapon 5,000 Attunement, Charges Dungeon Delver's Guide
Dragon Slayer Very Rare Weapon Other 10,000 Trials & Treasures
Dragonbane Legendary Weapon 65,000 Attunement To Save A Kingdom
Dragonslaying Lance Legendary Weapon Other 85,000 Attunement Trials & Treasures
Dwarven Thrower Very Rare Weapon Other 18,000 Attunement Trials & Treasures
Echo Force Rare Weapon Other 5,000 Attunement Trials & Treasures
Emperor’s Blade Very Rare Weapon 9,000 Trials & Treasures
Excalibur Legendary Weapon Other 150,000 Attunement Trials & Treasures
Flame Tongue Rare Weapon Other 5,000 Attunement Trials & Treasures