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Legerdemain Gloves

Wondrous Item, Common (cost 95 gp)
Crafting Components

Gloves worn by a stage magician for at least one performance

Stage magic may not be as impressive as true wizardry but it can still delight an audience and that’s where these supple gray leather gloves got their start, but con artists and thieves find uses for them as well. While wearing both of these gloves, once per minute you can teleport an item, up to the size of a dagger, from one hand to the other.

The gloves can teleport an item a longer distance, but their magic is forever exhausted in the process. When you wear one glove and another creature within 120 feet wears the other, you can teleport an item up to the size of a dagger into the hand of the creature wearing the other glove. If you do, the gloves dry and crack, losing their magic and becoming mundane items.